New Book Launch “The Retail Sales Playbook: Battle Proven Strategies for Selling to Retailers”

New Book Launch “The Retail Sales Playbook: Battle Proven Strategies for Selling to Retailers”

The Retail Sales Playbook : Battle Tested Strategies for Selling To Retailers

Prepare to seize the upper hand in the relentless world of retail with the release of David Happe’s latest masterpiece, “The Retail Sales Playbook: Battle Proven Strategies for Selling to Retailers.” This groundbreaking book, available exclusively on Amazon as of Friday 9/22/2023, offers a game-changing arsenal of strategies and wisdom to conquer competitors, dominate markets, and propel your business to new heights.

In a fiercely competitive retail environment, it’s essential to evolve or risk extinction. Just as giants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart have reshaped the retail landscape, Happe reveals a proven blueprint for retailers and sales professionals to thrive, using insights from his storied and battle scarred career in the industry.

“The Retail Sales Playbook” delves into the art of outsmarting competitors with chapters that include:

Crafting a Competition Killing Product and Brand Strategy: Learn how to create a product and brand strategy that strikes fear into your competition and captivates the attention of retail decision-makers.

Building an Effective Sales Pitch: Unlock the secrets of crafting irresistible sales pitches and compelling sales collateral that leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Effective Negotiation Techniques: Master the art of negotiation, ensuring you secure favorable deals that drive your business forward.

Fixing Prices Without Price Fixing: Navigate the pricing minefield with strategies to maximize profitability while maintaining competitive pricing.

Retailer Relationships: Building Trust and Collaboration: Foster trust, handle objections, and leverage trade shows and online retail opportunities to form enduring partnerships with retailers.

Monitoring and Evaluating Sales Performance: Implement strategies to consistently monitor and evaluate your sales performance, ensuring continuous improvement.

With a career spanning Best Buy Corporate, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, Happe has amassed invaluable insider knowledge and experience. This book lifts the curtain on the decision-making processes at major retailers and provides lessons learned from building and selling two successful companies, along with selling over ONE BILLION DOLLARS’ worth of products to big box retailers.

“The Retail Sales Playbook” equips readers with the tools to identify the right national retailers, create winning product and brand strategies, and establish a robust sales network. It also delves into pricing and profitability, retailer requirements, packaging, supply chain management, promotions, merchandising, and international market expansion.

Amazon ASIN 9798859419081, Launches Friday September 22, 2023.

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